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what's the difference?

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what's the difference?
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Space-Ultimate in music power.

Papa Kor Tsee

What Do You Expect from Us?

We entertain you with the aid of all the latest technology available to Professional Disc Jockeys. We use CD turntables, Technics 1200 SL turntables, Crown and QSC amplifiers (over 2000 watts), Fane and DHD  speakers. Our music archive is infinite and we can fill any requests for songs that you may have.  From Yaa Aboahema to Scent Noo and Yehuri So.

Basically, we're very musically rounded and appreciate hearing good music. That's what we bring to the table...

Providing good music for your guests at your SPECIAL OCCASION that would make them dance, have fun and say ... OH MY GOD !! REMEMBER THIS SONG?

We offer every type of musical category that is available. Old Time Highlife (Kakaiku),Burger Hi-life (Charles Amoah), Hip Life (Reggi Rockstone) Popular Music (POP), Club/Dance, House(C n C Music Factory), R&B (R. Kelly), Hip-Hop (P.Diddy), Soul (Abenaa-the Ghanaian sensation in the US), Salsa , Merengue, Soca(Kevin Lyttle-turn me on fame), Calypso( Sugar Bum bum), Reggae(Roots ( B. Marley, Luciano) and Contemporary-Sizzla, Jah Cure) and Dancehall music (TOK, Elephant Man, Beenie Man etc.

We constantly add music to our archives to keep current with new releases and build on some of the timeless collections that are hard to find. The weekend often finds us in any number of record/cd stores stocking up on music. Our fans grimace when the CD Packages from the USA are brought by the shipping agents. It's just fun for us



Programmes Schedules

Funeral Rites Ceremony
Edumadze-23-26th September, 2004 

Ghana Day of Percussion
Royal Palace Hotel-27-29th September,2004

Watch out for more programs here

SPACE is creditted with a number of innovations in the spinning business at Mankessim:
1. Introduction of 18" bass woofers .
2.It introduced the combined set play...thus putting about four sets to one side each, and playing only two ways thereby given it more distinct sounds and power.
3. The use of cd players and the playing of cds was introduced by them.
4. They also introduced the use of samplers and special sounds effects.
5.The use of banners to advertise spinning groups was their innovation.
6.SPACE FM is the only spinning group that is the favorites of students around the Mfantseman district.
7.They are the exponents of the local and vintage music.
8. SPACE is the only group that insists on discipline and is intolerable to stereotypes associated with spinning.
9.SPACE introduced the use of lighting system in the group B category in Mfantseman spinning.
SPACE FM has a working affiliation with a number of nation's top groups including X105, V103, MLS and UTRAX.

Our fans are always doing the extraordinary-see dem...

SPACE.."Obiara se eeye"