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About Us

On this page we will describe our background and philosophy.

Our Mission

Space is here to meet your special musical needs. Over the years we have taken our customers away from the stress of everyday life and boring music provided by cheap spinners and have created a relaxing and relevant programmes for our clients.

We believe everyone deserves the best for his/her money. If our service doesnt meet your expectation right for you, we would refund your money to you.1
 We are here to serve your needs, and make your programmes memorable ones that you will always remember.

 History of SPACE FM


"ONE THING I LIKE IS MUSIC, SO HIT ME WITH MUSIC NOW" so says the reggae legend ROBERT NESTA MARLEY aka BOB MARLEY of blessed memory.


One of the recent developments in music provision in Ghana is the emergence of sounds systems or SPINNERS as they are called.  This was a natural follow up to the folding up of many live bands in Ghana ( BB group of bands, Eredecs, Skippers, Volta Pioneers, Boom Talents, Classique Handels, 4th Dimensions, Sweet Talks etc) for various reasons from financial problems to waning of patrons interests, that musical void was filled by individuals and groups playing records (LPs) and cassette and providing music through speakers who later developed into professional sound systems.


SPACE FM is one of the most powerful and leading Sound systems in the Central region of Ghana. Based at MANKESSIM,a commercial center, SPACE FM is a house hold name among the spinning fans and music lovers lovers in Ghana, especially matured people and students.

The early history of spinning or disco in Mankessim is linked to Mr. Boddy, a prominent businessman who is reputed to be the first in the community to own a sound system. According to Mr. Fiifi Yankson of USA " Boddy used to thrill the students at Opanyin mensah's house near the Police Station". He also played at venues like Nananom at mankessim round about area. After a while, Boddy went into oblivion, and his place was taken by live bands from Accra who visited the town during Akwanbo festivities. The contemporary spinning is traced to Fynn,  the husband of Sister Asaawa (currently business couple) between 1981-85 when they owned a recording store at Mankessim market opposite Mr. Hammond's building. Known as SKY PORT recording store by then.Fynn organized record dances at the week end at KANACO (rival to Commodore in Saltpond). This spot was a real rendevous for Mankessim and Saltpond students and the youth especially during mid terms and on vacations.
The interests in these dances led to the organization of dance competitions. Top community dances such as UNCLE BOB MARLEY ( a relative of Takyiman of Fire Sounds)and TEEDE were the first best popular dancers of Mankessim. Other dancers to follow were PAA KWESI (Minta snr) NANA MINTA(now in th UK), JIMMY LEE , AIR MOSHIE, BURKINA FASSO, TAKYIMAN, FRANCIS ATTA KAKRA and ATTA PANYIN( the twin brothers who were the first to introduce "Electric Boogie dance in Mankessim). Among the female dancers were late Sister MERCY(Yaa Ata's mum,Sister ATA Panyin (Fiifi Biney's wife) DEEMUGYAN, AMA BAAWA(Angola's sister) and a host of them.  We also had Mankessim professional dancers who lived at Takoradi and Accra respectivelly.

JOE TAKORADI and EBOW T'ADI (later competed with REGGI ROCKSTONE-yes reggi was a dancer), ADJETEY SOWAH and ALEX OFORI). There was PAA KWESI(Quabu's brother from Accra).These guys were the Mankessim tough dancers who could rob shoulders in the arts of dance with anybody.(BREAKS,ROBOT,ELECTRIC BOOGIE,APOOFI, BURKINA and MEZZUP).
Heigtened interests in disco (CLUB) led to the emergence of the HIDE OUT disco which was established for the classy people who thought that KANACO had become "yoyo" (too ordinary). It was managed by Mr. Ocloo( The Obrom Asafo bomaa) with Mama Ocloo, Aku and her peers and Kwesi Atta Ano as the sales assistants. Next to follow was Mr. Buaku's recording's store near St. John's Photographic Store near where Adom Electronics has his store. There was also Human Needs Store that operated a record store, but both Mr. Buaku and Human Needs were not involved in playing record dances.

Around that time the now famous wealthy brothers of Mankessim(the Reynolds) had returned from Nigeria) and brought with them  room sound systems which they started recordings at Mankessim market. When Fynn and the Reynolds changed business by moving from the music sales into Transportation and Hard Wares, LAST SPOT came on the scene and started recordings with Kojo Paulo, the brother of Fynn as the dj. They started playing at funeral programs and that made them very popular.  Other groups emerged, such as Yaw Berko and his Alapunsa Sounds from Alanpunsa House where an uncle had sent the family professional spinning equips from abroad(LONDON) to use for commercial purposes.
At the moment Mankessim boast of over thirty spinning groups.
Among the popular ones are

SPACE FM begun operation in 1997 under the directorship of DJ JIMMY LEE. SPACE FM is an acronym for SPECIAL PEOPLE APPRECIATING CREATIVE ENERGY and FM means fAVORITE MUSIC.  Yes, Space exists to play only what our customers want and and are paying for. It came to change the process of spinning at Mankessim and its surrounding villages.  The beginning of everything is not easy and Space was not spared its share of troubles. Coming in at a time that some prominent groups have already established a name for themselves was not easy.

The Director, DJ. Jimmy Lee, a veteran disc jourkey had enough experience to bring it to bear on SPACE 's formation. He had played numerous groups from Hi-Tension-Kumasi through Dynasty, Sampoks, Customs and to AFC before returning to the University to pursue further studies. SPACE started with 2 18" and 2 15" speakers for lows, 4 12" for mid range and 5set of 4 tweeters. For the Mixer, It had Pyramid fitted with a special sampler with four microphones.The amplifiers were manufactured in Ghana by COZY TECH of Tema...and Man you should have been there for the maiden program at Twafo...SPACE really "mashed up the place" as the Jamaicans would say. SPACE became instant favorites from day one.

SPACE has performed in a number important events, venues and programs in the Central region. among the places are Saltpond Beach, Anomabu Adaanu, Anomabu Beach, Moore Beach, Abura Dunkwa Beach, Kormantse Beach, Accra Shakys Club,New Edubiase Hotel etc. SPACE has been the toast of hip hop music fans at ADISADEL COLLEGE in 1999 when it played at the Drama Club's Rap competition nite where Buk Bak partcipated. They also thrilled the students of ASSIN MANSO SECONDARY SCHOOL. Schools such as BIRIWA VOCATIONAL SCHOOL,BISEASE SECONDARY COMMERCIAL SCHOOL,  ENYAN DENKYIRA SECONDARY SCHOOL and MANDO SECONDARY SCHOOL have also experienced what makes SPACE the crowd pullers.  If you are Hip Life artiste coming to the region and needs a good sounds back-up....well SPACE is the first name you got to think of.

Among the djs and stage hands who have worked for SPACE are AB, ODURO, NANA EGYIR,KOBINA,ESUON,TONY EBOW WOODE, ABAANEKEY, YAW SAAH, the indefacable dj MR. ROCKY HIGH (NANA EDU) and the current dj PAPA YAW and NANA YAW. They are the djs of the moment.

SPACE.."Obiara se eeye"